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Our choice of two versatile Flawless Face Perfecting sponges will give any look a professional finish. Great for both beginners and pros. 

Can be used dry when working with powders and wet for when using creams & liquids. Our sponges are bouncy and create a seamless blend. 

Choose from our tear drop shaped blender or our flat edge blender.

Tear drop blender - blend and apply concealer precisely under eyes. Rounded base is perfect for large areas, and applying foundation. Great for applying powders when used dry. 

Flat edge blender - blend large areas of the face/body. Use the edge to precisely conceal. The flat edge is ideal for chiselling contour on the nose. 

Latex free & non-allergenic. Made with anti microbial foam.

Cruelty free. Vegan.

Flawless Face Perfecting Sponge

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